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Become an Ambassador, make a difference!

At, we are always looking for bloggers whom inspire people to choose their next travel destination and maybe explore the world from a different perspective.

Our objective

More than ever, people choose their next stay by reading travel blogs and articles online. Unfortunately most of these articles are from a 'travelers' perspective, while especially locals have great experiences about their own city and/or region.

Using local ambassadors, we would like to let travelers know about those neat little cafés, stunning views or must see 'unexplored' attractions. So are you ready to be come ambassador?

What can offer?

Although doesn't benefit directly from articles, we do believe we should share some love as a thank you for your contribution to our platform and ultimately the world. We offer some benefits to bloggers contributing to our idea.

  • Exclusive Author Profile
  • Growing active community
  • Earning through (non-intrusive) Google Adwords™
  • Network with fellow Ambassadors

What we expect

Being a Ambassador, we do expect a certain 'professional' level of dedication and commitment, not only are you representing your own blogs, you will be digitally "representing" an entire city or region.

We expect our Ambassadors to have decent knowledge about local "ins and outs", writing a tourism related article about their experiences at least once a month. Contents of blogs may vary from favorite restaurants, must do activities, to extraordinary places to visit and of course your creativity is more than welcome.

Ready to contribute?

If you have read and understood our objective and guidelines mentioned, here is how you can submit to become an ambassador.

Send your details together with your country of interest, including your motivation using our submission form. If your submission is approved, we will create a brand new ambassador profile for you and you can submit your blogs to us.

If your article needs refinement, we will get in touch with you to help you make changes. If you have any queries regarding ambassadorship at, do let us know via our contact form.

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